Graduate Student Opportunities

We are recruiting graduate students for Fall 2021 and Fall 2022!

As a member of both Biology and Chemistry departments at Syracuse University, our lab accepts graduate students entering from either Biology or Chemistry graduate programs. We also participate in the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program, as much of our research focus is on the molecular mechanisms associated with neurodegenerative disorders including ALS and FTD. More information about these programs can be found by clicking the links.

For those entering in the Biology graduate program, we highly encourage students to do a rotation with us (typically last about 10-12 weeks) during their first year in the program. Typically, students in Biology join a lab by the end of their first year. For those in the Chemistry graduate program, we highly encourage students to arrange meetings with the PI to discuss research opportunities. Typically, students in Chemistry join a lab by December of their first year in the program. We encourage trainees to participate in our weekly lab meetings/journal clubs. There is ample opportunity for 1-on-1 meetings as each trainee figures out what lab they’d like to join.

Both PhD graduate programs offer guaranteed funding for up to 5 years through teaching assistantships or research assistantships (supported by the lab’s current NSF and NIH grants).

We encourage our incoming graduate students to take CHE 674 Structural and Physical Biochemistry during their first year, as well as other trainee development programs offered through the Bioinspired Institute at Syracuse University.

If interested, please contact Carlos Castañeda at!!