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Lab News

Congratulations Jules!

Graduating senior Julia Riley won the Slepecky prize, Best Honors Thesis in Science and Engineering, and Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence in Student Research! Jules will be pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania.

The lab receives NIH R01 funding!

We are extremely excited for the opportunity to continue investigating the role of UBQLN2 phase separation in protein quality control and how UBQLN2 mutations affect this process. We will study UBQLN2 condensates both in cells and in vitro using multiple techniques, including live cell imaging, super resolution microscopy, NMR, SAXS and SANS. If you are…
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Jules’ movie is featured on NIH Director’s Blog

Jules’ beautiful cell work on UBQLN2 puncta formation caught the eyes of the NIH director.  Congratulations Jules. Read the blog here.

Tongyin presents at BPS

Tongyin and Carlos met/caught up with new and old friends and heard many exciting stories on IDP and LLPS. Tongyin presented his work on mechanistic insights on binding between yeast Ess1 and the CTD of RNA Pol II as revealed by solution NMR.

Carlos visits Washington University in St Louis!

Carlos is excited to catch up with old friends and make new ones as well as discuss our latest work to start the mini series: “Joint Hope Center/Neurology/Center for Science and Engineering of Living Systems (CSELS) Series: Phase transitions/intrinsically disordered domains”.  Many thanks to Chris Weihl and Alex Holehouse for hosting!

Carlos visits UCONN health!

Carlos had a wonderful time presenting our latest work and having stimulating discussions with the faculty and graduate students of the department of Molecular Biology and Biophysics.

Tongyin, Yiran, Holly and Peter attend 33rd GIBBS conference

Carlos had a blast putting together the program for GIBBS 33RD.  Tongyin, Yiran, and Holly presented posters on their work. A 14-hr drive to Carbondale, IL is a great lab bonding activity!

Carlos visited University of Michigan

Carlos had a great time catching up with collaborators Sami Barmada, Lisa Sharkey and Magda Ivanova as well as sharing our latest work on UBQLN2 at the Gateway NMR Meeting!

Welcome Peter Raymond-Smiedy!

Peter, a new first-year biology graduate student, joins the lab for his first rotation. He will be studying UBQLN2 droplet properties.

Our paper on the effects of mutations of UBQLN2 LLPS in Structure!

We are very excited for this collaborative work looking at how ALS-linked mutations affect the structure, oligomerization and LLPS properties of UBQLN2. Read the paper here.